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Safety in everyday life

Safety at schools and public institutions is an increasingly important issue. Time and again, emergency situations require rapid action and a good flow of information.

In such emergency situations, it is important that the responsible entities are rapidly and correctly informed and that countermeasures are quickly communicated to affected individuals.

Communication is also very important in everyday life.

Therefore, a modern WLAN infrastructure that facilitates news services, internet use and the establishment of a VOIP system, is always the first choice for sensible communication solutions.

With our warning and communication system MI-Motion Guard®, we offer an optimal combined communication solution and warning system that increases safety, minimizes potential errors and risks in case of emergency, and additionally supports internal communication through information solutions. Mobile transponders as well as warning and communication terminals that are mounted at the wall are the basis for the system.


MI-Motion Guard® offers possibility to send short messages to other transponder carriers as well as  the terminals.
We distinguish between two types of messages: An information message and a request. An information message contains of a simple information for the receiver and requires no response, while a request, however a response is required. The possible answers are predefined and the applicable answer can be chosen by the recipients.

With the in MI-Motion Guard® integrated message management, the communication between the teaching staff is greatly simplified and is less time-consuming:

■ sending messages to individual recipients or groups
■ search for recipients using the autocomplete
■ ability to define message templates
■ ability to set the transmission time
■ send status function: message sent, read, pending
■ message history available on the warning and communication terminals


MI-Motion Guard® was developed in close collaboration with the competent authorities such as the Berlin police department, the government, and the end users to ensure that the system meets the requirements and recommendations of the authorities in charge in case of emergencies while ensuring optimal user friendliness.


Additionally, we are support by our hardware partner Ekahau.

Added value and benefits

Defined distribution of responsibilities

Defined distribution of responsibilities

As soon as an alarm is released, a predefined checklist ensures that all important tasks are performed, so that no important steps are forgotten due to anxiety or panic. Therefore, messages are automatically sent by the system to the transponders.

No delays caused by poor accessibility of the alarm button

No delays caused by poor accessibility of the alarm button

The transponders are always carried and are therefore immediately on hand in emergencies.

Simplification of the internal communication

Simplification of the internal communication

In addition to the safety aspect, the system enables its users to receive information messages and to exchange short messages which facilitates everyday school life and eliminates unnecessary legwork.

Very easy operation

Very easy operation

By simply activating the safety switch or choosing an alarm type in the transponder manual, actuates the alarm is actuated. An alarm release is also possible via the terminals. The software interface is easy and intuitive to operate.
Location function

Location function

All transponders are shown on the floor plan of the building, which gives the police an overview of the situation and helps rescuers find the way.

Customized solutions for any institution

Customized solutions for any institution

We offer customized solutions based on your specific needs and existing infrastructure. 

System overview

Mobile transponders for teachers, warning and communication terminals mounted on the walls as well as the Wifi infrastructure are the foundation of MI-Motion Guard®.

The transponders are firmly assigned to the teachers while at the terminals, which are positioned, for example, in the secretary and staff rooms, each teacher can log in with his/her password. A unique profile with all personal settings is created via the warning and communication terminals. In addition, the terminals are crucial for the activation and processing of alarms, for sending messages and to configure MI-Motion Guard®. The software interface is controlled via an Android ™ app. The terminals are connected to a continuous power connection and therefore always ready for use.

After work, the wireless transponder can be charged in a charging station. When the battery power is critical, the transponder performs an acoustic alarm. Besides message exchange, the transponders are used for locating their users if an alarm was activated.


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